WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com

WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com

WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com – What is the difference?

I am sure you have heard of WordPress. But, did you know there are two sides to “WordPress?” On one side it is the most popular blogging platform in existence, and on the other side, it is also used as a solution for non-blog websites. Not familiar with this topic? It can be quite confusing differentiating the two.  There is WordPress.com and there is WordPress.org – and they are not the same thing.


WordPress.com: An online solution where you visit WordPress.com to sign up and create your website/blog without the need for any technical knowledge.

[li type=”fa-check”]Hosting is included but limits you to 3GB of storage[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]Free subdomain (For example, yoursite.wordpress.com)[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]To use a custom domain (For example, yoursite.com) you must upgrade to a paid WordPress.com plan[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]Includes basic security and backups[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]Technical performance handled by WordPress.com[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]Offers limited number of themes with limited customization options[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]Does not allow use of third party plugins which limits you to a narrow range of features[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]Must sign up with WordPress.com and abide by their Terms of Service[/li]


WordPress.org: An open source content management system that requires some technical knowledge and your own hosting before launching your website.

[li type=”fa-check”]Hosting not included. You’ll need to find a host, and perform backups and maintenance yourself[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]You must provide your own custom domain name[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]Offers some level of security, but for the most part a developer will need to secure your website through third-party plugins[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]Allows for unlimited customization of the site’s functionality[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]Unlimited customization of design and branding[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]Freedom to install any third party plugin which is vital if you want to customize your site to the point where it fits your needs[/li]
[li type=”fa-check”]No registration with WordPress.org required[/li]

Which one is right for you?

If you are looking for a basic blog with limited customization – such as a personal blog – then WordPress.com is the right solution for you. With WordPress.com, you can start a blog or build a website in seconds without any technical knowledge.

However, if you are looking for even the slightest customization such as running a business website, WordPress.com can become pretty expensive. Their Premium Plan is $99/yr. If you compare this to WordPress.org, the only price you pay is for hosting which usually runs about $50/yr for a basic plan.

WordPress.org is free and you are in full control of your website. With WordPress.org, you have the freedom to do whatever you want – customizing the design and functionality of your site to fit your business glove in hand; whereas with WordPress.com, you still will only be given access to a limited amount of customizations even with the Premium Plan.

Overall, WordPress.org is meant for those of us who aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and want to have full control over their sites. It is the perfect platform for any type of business and/or professional site as it can be designed and molded to fit your brand and needs. On the other hand, WordPress.com is great for personal blogs and sites with no professional/business intent.

Need help with your WordPress site? Let me know! It is what I know best. 😉

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