Why You Should Have A Growing Email List

Why You Should Have A Growing Email List

Email lists are an important part of your business whether you know it or not. But, why?

They are a form of direct communication between you and your customer.

With all of the social media algorithms on Instagram and Facebook today, there is no guarantee your customer is going to see your post. Sure, you can boost the post and hope that they scroll down and see it, but are you really getting the information right  in front of their face? Sending out an email is doing just that. It is putting the information YOU want them to see straight in their inbox. That is one reason that an email list is so important. It puts you back in charge of who is seeing your information and just how often without having to rely on a social media platform’s algorithm to work in your favor. But, are they seeing my emails and are they interested?

Chances are your email list is filled with people that are ready for your next piece of content.

If you are building your email list correctly (see upcoming blog post) then your list will be filled with subscribers that have opted in for your emails. This means they have given you their email address asking for content. They aren’t just a target group of people based on location, age, etc. – they actually signed up for your newsletter or email blast because they WANT to hear from you and are interested in what you have to say.

Emails are much more personal than a social media post or advertisement.

It is a direct line of communication between you and the subscriber. You can offer special events and promotions for those who are already in your circle. This by itself is another huge reason why your customers {potential customers} would want to join your list. It is like putting them in an elite club and your brand is the guest of honor. So, please. If you don’t take any other piece of advice from me this year – start growing that email list. It is SO important for your business, and I promise you won’t regret it!

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