How To Use Instagram for Small Business

How To Use Instagram for Small Business

You may have heard of this nifty little app called, Instagram. Get your small business an account now. I know you are already on Facebook but did you know that user engagement is 15 times higher on Instagram? That’s right!

Once you have setup your account for your small business, it is time to find some followers — and hopefully turn those followers into customers! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Connect It to Your Facebook Page & Twitter Account 

Why? Just because it is the smart thing today. Post on Instagram and it will automatically share it to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. People can click on the link shared on Facebook and Twitter to take them right to your Instagram feed. Voila! They follow, they like, they share, then eventually… they buy, right? That’s the goal!

2. Keep It Real

Every picture you share doesn’t have to be a high quality professional photo. In fact, none of them have to be. People enjoy a look at behind the scenes and your Instagram account is the perfect place for them to watch. Share pictures of  your outings at the next corporate event or new product launch party!

3. Use Hashtags

People search through pictures using hashtags. When using the appropriate hashtag, you’re likely to gain the right followers for your account. Another way to use hashtags is by searching for hashtags that area relevant to your business and interact with other users that are using the same hashtag. Pretty neat, huh?!

4. Stay Connected

Your followers are showing you love by liking your pictures and commenting so you should show them some love too. Check your notifications regularly and make sure you respond to any and every comment. It is also a great idea to follow people back and try to connect with them on other social sites as well.

5. Consistency is Key

Like any other social media account, relationship or hobby, consistency is key. If you’re not posting on a regular basis, your followers may lose interest or simply forget to engage. Make it a goal to post something new at least once a week! 🙂

What are you waiting for? Go setup that Instagram account and start posting now! 🙂

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