Email Address Links in WordPress

Email Address Links in WordPress

I have had a few clients ask how to add an email address link into some of their pages and blog posts over the years. An email address link is one that allows users to send an email with the click of text. In this blog post, I will show you how to add an email address link in WordPress.

Adding a link to an email address is very similar to adding a page or external URL link in WordPress.  When you add a link to an external link, you would highlight the text you would like linked and click the ‘Insert Link’ chain link icon on your toolbar. A little box will appear and you would enter in the external URL. For example,

The process is very similar when you add a link to an email address. Select the email address then click the ‘Insert Link’ or chain link icon. Instead of entering an external URL, you will enter in mailto: followed by your email address. For example,

Once you have entered in the link, click on the apply button to close the insert link popup.

Adding a link to your email makes a seamless process for the user to contact you through their email client quickly. The downside of adding an email link is that the email address becomes publicly visible allowing bits to easily spam you.

Another disadvantage is that users are less likely to switch applications (from browser to their email client) to send an email. Most users may not want to use their primary email address to send out emails.

You can easily avoid this by adding a contact form instead of adding an email link.  I will have a blog post coming soon to talk more about contact forms.

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