5 Thoughts on User Experience

5 Thoughts on User Experience

“You Are Not Your User”

The ability to empathise is recognized as a crucial soft skill that web designers, writers and managers require. However, empathy needs more than an intellectual understanding. – from Empathy Requires Experience

It is easy to get caught up in the “this is they way I do it, so, that is the way they must do it too” mindset. However, every user has their own ways of using products. What may be useful for you may not be useful for them. Be sure you are creating a design that the user wants – not one that you want. Do your research by talking to different users and observing their preferences and frustrations.

“Garbage In, Garbage Out”

If you want a product that meets expectations, you must test it. Why go through the trouble, time and money of building something that is not going to matter to your users? Test, test and test it again. Make sure that you are testing it from a user’s perspective too — maybe even get some of your users’ to try it out in beta before launching.


“Consistency is Key”

A style guide helps define every interaction users have with your brand — from social networks to web design to product functionality.  Those messy and inconsistent brands are confusing, but one that has consistency comes across as polished and professional.


“When Everything Shouts, Nothing is Heard”

Visual hierarchy is the difference between a site that strategically influences user flow and decisions, and a site that just “looks nice.” – from 5 Pillars of Visual Hierarchy in Web Design 

You have to prioritize.  If you can’t make decisions about what’s most important, your users won’t either.


“Start Thinking Holistically”

Without a great concept, you can’t have great design. And without great design, you can’t have a great product. A great product is born from how it all works together from every idea, icon, pixel, and click.

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