5 Marketing Tactics For Your Small Business

5 Marketing Tactics For Your Small Business

Most small businesses lack one thing and that is a large budget for marketing. However, that doesn’t mean that small businesses cannot have a successful marketing strategy.

Here are a few inexpensive marketing tactics that truly work!

1. Blog, Blog, Blog

Many small businesses do not update the content on their website or blog regularly. This can be blamed on not having enough time or unsure of a topic to write about.

What if I told you it pays to blog? What most small businesses don’t know is that updating their blog is proven to increase search engine visibility thus increasing sales over time.

My advice is to stop making excuses and blog. The content can be about anything related to your industry. Still at a loss for topic ideas? Ask your customers what they would like to learn more about in your industry? Your blog is the best place to answer these questions.

2. Get Social

The best way to connect with your customers is where they already are. Where are most people? On social media. With this being said, you want an active social media account just as you want an active blog. If someone visits your social media site and you haven’t updated your page or responded to someone in a timely manner, they aren’t going to be engaged either.

For small businesses I recommend starting small with your social media channels. Each account takes time and commitment so choose one or two and allow your audience time to engage and connect.

3. Start An Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an effective and reliable way to reach customers and drive sales.

If you don’t already have an email marketing program in place, start by researching the different email marketing tools and find one that is right for your business.

Make sure that the email sign-up process for your customers and prospects is easy and quick. Also, make sure to only send relevant content and avoid “spamming” your customers or sending too many emails over a short period of time.

In just a matter of time, you will develop a solid email marketing program with an audience that is waiting to hear from you.

4. Encourage Online Reviews

If your small businesses services those in your local area, this can be an extremely useful tactic.

You will find that customers say that a positive online reviews will influence their purchasing decisions.

Be sure to ask your customers in-person, through email, or on social media if they’ve enjoyed their experience with your company and if they would be willing to review your business on Google or Yelp.

5. Build A Team

As your small business grows, so will your team. A happy team means a successful team, and a successful team means a successful business. Appreciation and rewarding hard work, loyalty and dedication is often forgotten about in a small business where rapid growth rates occur.

Ways to avoid this:

  • Develop a professional development program for your employees
  • Recognize and reward employees for a job well done
  • Experiment with “work from home” days
  • Schedule “team days” or “team building projects”

What successful marketing strategies does your small business use?

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